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Rhodo Kiss Collection

Rhodo Kiss Collection

A new series of varieties bred in our nursery. Each of the three varieties belonging to the Rhodo Kiss collection is distinguished by unique features. They have in common juicy colors of flowers that reminds spring kiss of nature.

A short paper by FloraCulture International covering the varieties from the new collection can be read here!

We present the Rhodo Kiss Collection !

 Double Kiss (Haaga x Mars)

Double Kiss (Haaga x Mars).
A variety of rare among rhododendrons, semi-double flowers with deep, dark pink color. Dark green, oblong leaves. Compact, upright growing habit. After 10 years it reaches 1.5 m. High frost resistance - down to -30°C.

 Late Kiss (Mrs Anthony Waterer x Artmeyer's Späte)

Late Kiss (Mrs Anthony Waterer x Artmeyer's Späte).
Very late blooming Rhododendron variety – blooming time in June! Buds light green, large, lofty. Flowers large, pink, with a distinct, yellow-brown spot. It blooms abundantly. Dense, upright growing habit. After 10 years, it reaches 1.5 m. Frost resistance down to -24°C.

 Neon Kiss (Haaga x Brisanz)

Neon Kiss (Haaga x Brisanz).
Resistant variety with an extremely intense, neon-red color of flowers. It is distinguished by attractive, compact growth habit and dark green foliage. Medium growing variety after 10 years reaches 1,2 m in height. It blooms abundantly. High frost resistance - down to -28°C.


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