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We warmy welcome everyone to our website! With pleasure we present you the profile of our production that is focused on ericaceous plants. Our annual production reaches over 2 mln acidophilic plants, mainly rhododendrons and blueberries. All plants are grown in containers.

Our assorment includes:
  • rhododendron hybrids – c. a. 100 varieties,
  • azaleas – c. a. 40 strong growing varieties,
  • japanese azaleas and other dwarf rhododendrons – over 60 varieties,
  • blueberries – c. a. 40 varieties,
  • and magnolia, andromeda, pieris, kalmia and other acidophilic plants.
  • Rhodo Collections
  • Italian Raspberry
  • Diva Fiore

The first and main direction of our production are rhododendrons. Thanks to the climatic conditions of central Poland we developed production of young plants, which are offered for sale in multiport trays (40 pots). Older plants are grown in P9, C1, C2, C5, C10, C15, C35 and C90 containers. The plants are very well rooted, tempered and strongly spreaded from the base of the plant.

The second branch of our production is highbush blueberry (Vaccinium corrymbosum). We do our best to place in the offer only the most valuable varieties, that meet the requirements of amateurs as well as professional cultivators.

The third branch are coniferous grafted plants. This section includes firs (abies), redwoods (metasequoia), larches (larix), pines (pinus) and spruces (picea). We already offer over 180 varieties. This branch is dynamically developed. There are still more varieties under production, that will be offered for sale in next years. The assortment of grafted plants often includes very rare varieties, some of them are available only in our nursery. Just like ericaceous plants, coniferous plants are also grown in containers.

The fourth production branch are rose shrubs, to be grown in greenhouses as well as in the field.

The assortment of varieties is being updated all the time. We still introduce new varieties, eliminating less valuable ones.

We participate, among other, in the following fairs:
  • Poland, Warsaw: Zieleń to Życie (Green is Life) - Nursery fair
  • Poland, Poznan: Gardenia - Nursery fair
  • Germany, Essen: IPM Essen - Horticultural and nursery fair
  • Germany, Berlin: Fruit Logistica - International Fruit and Vegetable Fair

A great part of our products is sold abroad. We co-operate with customers from the following countries: Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Spain, Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We invite you to visit our nursery and to become familiar with our production. We hope for mutually profitable co-operation.


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